“INTERDECO” Architectural Studio

(since 1989)

Head: Edward Karsyan


Saryan 40, c. Yerevan

Tel.:  +(374 10) 53 48 25, +(374 91) 40 07 34


Edward Karsyan was born in 1942 in Yerevan. In 1967 he graduated from the Art-Industrial Academy of Moscow named after Stroganov, receiving a diploma of a monumental-decorative artist. Hi is the author of interior-decoration and decorative and monumental works of a number of public buildings. Among them there is the USSR Embassy in Belgrade (1969), Cultural House in Ufa (1973), Sport complex in Tula (1975), conference hall of Yerevan Pediatric Hospital (1985), design of Yerevan Republican Hospital facade (1986), interior of Russian Federation Embassy in Armenia (1997). He has regularly visited the USA and worked there, in1992-1996 has applied a number of decorative-design works.

In 1997-2006 Edward Karsyan has designed and implemented a number of design works for restaurants and entertainment complexes in Armenia, among which there are the restaurant complexes “Marco Polo”, “Arkada”, bar-restaurants “Sherlock Holmes” and “Kilikia”, “Sayat-Nova” complex, restaurant “Waterworld”, the sushi-bar “Samuray”.    

Edward Karsyan is also engaged in painting and graphics. He has attended a number of international exhibitions. His works have been included in personal and public collections.      

He has been a member of Union of Architects of Armenia since 1971, member of the Artists Union of Armenia since 1979. Started from 1986 he deals with enamel-painting and is a member of International Company of Enamel-Painters (Hungary) as well.